Cllr Jo Norton

Cllr Jo Norton, Canonsleigh, Mid Devon’s Youngest Councillor

Jo has grown up in Canonsleigh, the ward she represents. Jo works full-time in a local secondary school and has also volunteered and worked for a number of charities. She was elected in May 2019 alongside Elizabeth Wainwright, the first ever Green councillors in Mid Devon.

Social justice and climate justice have always been important. Jo believes that one cannot and should not be achieved without the other. ‘It is a fantastic honour to know that people living in your community have put their trust in you’ Jo says. ‘I want to ensure that the residents of Mid Devon have access to the best quality of life possible and it is a great opportunity to now have two Green voices in the room to ensure that we strive for this.’ Jo feels that it is the Greens’ responsibility to ask questions that others might not consider. In addition to participating at Full-Council meetings, she sits on the Environment Policy Development Group, Grand Western Canal Joint Advisory Committee, Licensing and Regulatory Committees. She also enjoys attending parish council meetings and discussing local issues with residents.