Action on climate change

Only Greens have a record of speaking up for action strong enough to tackle the climate change emergency.

We will act to ensure everyone can breathe clean air, we will act to stop and reverse the effects of climate change, and we will create a green revolution in energy generation and transport infrastructure.

Social Justice

Greens are passionate about building a country where everyone has a good quality of life.

There should be economic equality, where every one of us has a meaningful livlihood, a sustainable and affordable home, and access to healthy food and green spaces.

Our community

Community is at the heart of everything Greens do.

Elected Greens are members of the community first and foremost, and will always act on behalf of that community, for the common good. Green councillors already seek to work with community groups, to consult communities on decisions affecting them, and to ensure that council committees are transparent and records are available to the public.