Trevor Cope

Trevor Cope is your Green Party member representative for Tiverton West, and is Co-convenor (with Jo Smith: Brighton) of the Green Party Education Policy Group.

Trevor lives in Stoodleigh and has done for the past seven years, having happily adjusted to the rural way of life from previously living in Exmouth. Whilst in Exmouth Trevor was the Mayor of the Town Council and also served on East Devon District Council as a Lib Dem and latterly an Independent. Trevor left the Lib Dems when they joined the coalition with the Conservatives at national level, and has since found that the Green Party is the only party that can provide the future we all need.

Trevor says:

"Our local communities have gone through hard times of late. And while we have all been in the same storm, we have been in different boats – with some families facing much greater difficulties than others.

Many of us have also learnt new things: the importance of friends and family, neighbours helping each other, appreciating cleaner air, local food, and the chance to work from home. We also recognise that for some the stress has been intolerable, with jobs lost, domestic violence, mental health and going into debt.

We can build back better.

More sharing, more equality, a basic income for all, a better work-life balance, less waste and more sustainable living. We will invest in greener technologies for the future rather than the polluting ones of the past. We will learn from the lack of preparedness for Covid-19 and realise that we need to act now on the even bigger threat of climate change."

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